Your iPhone Unlocked: iPhone software retailer (New Canaan, CT, USA: 2011)

Brief: To write a report analysing current keyword statistics for and new ads for a business that offers members software to unlock iPhones
Testimonial: ‘Good work, thanks Chris! I’m implementing your recommendations as we speak. Thanks again – highly recommended’ Nick Whitmore, Your iPhone Unlocked

Shoulder It: handbag retailer (Melbourne, Vic, Australia: 2011)
Brief: To write ads for an online retailer selling predominantly leather handbags to Australian and international customers
Testimonial: ‘Thanks for the report, Chris… very detailed and informative. Will give the ads a go, and see what happens’ Shoulder It

Anna Perkins Online: network marketer (California, USA: 2011)
Brief: To write ads for a hub of network marketing advice, products and services championed by Anna Perkins, to showcase her own achievements in supplementing her main income with a secondary, online revenue stream
Testimonial: ‘ I highly recommend Chris… He does excellent work’ Anna Perkins

YB12: life-coaching program (Melbourne, Vic, Australia: 2011)
Brief: To write ads for a life-coach training enterprise that offers ongoing support to course graduates and an agency for trained life coaches, dedicated to finding paying clients
Testimonial: ‘Thank you so much for this Chris. I am completely and positively astounded by what you have done for me here. The AdWords report took my thinking to another level. Concision in advertising is an art and you have mastered that. I strongly recommend your services’ John, YB12

Franklin Partners: financial services (Australia: 2011)
Brief: To write ads for a financial services partnership that trades mortgage loans and pensions packages to individual investors and hedge funds across the English-speaking world.
Testimonial: ‘Great service, on time, professionally done…’ Craig West, Franklin Partners

VG Marketing International: real-estate client (Vancouver, BC, Canada: 2011)
Brief: To write ads for a real-estate client of VG Marketing launching a mobile marketing campaign to attract customers in the Greater Vancouver region
Testimonial:  ‘I cannot wait to get this campaign live! Chris over delivered with compelling ad copy that eloquently communicates my USP within the character limits of Google Adwords. It is an investment that will be returned many times over — not to mention crushing my PPC competition — thanks Chris!’ VG Marketing