SEO-led copywriting, marketing and sales copy, transcribing and time-coding video footage, drafting conference materials, mentoring a film producer, and composing CV and resumes

Ready Writer: copywriting services agency (London, UK: 2012)
Brief: To write copy for the landing page on the client’s website for a LinkedIn ad  to promote the client’s copywriting services and newly published ebook on SEO copywriting.

Imago: web design suppler (Riga, Latvia: 2012)
Brief: To write sales copy for a website providing typographical icon sets.
Testimonial: ‘The copy is written perfectly, and persuasively – exactly what i wanted. Hopefully the page visitors will think so, too.’ Gatis Strods, director

Creative Media Marketing: television production company (London, UK: 2012)
Brief: To transcribe and time-code seven interviews for a documentary on soccer hooliganism against very tight deadlines.
Testimonial: ‘Chris did great work under terrific pressure from me’ Gerry Easter, Creative Media Marketing

Seeds: arts charity (London, UK: 2012)
Brief: To prepare written and edited materials for an Artists’ Day conference called ‘The Grace of Perfect Danger‘ held in March 2012: schedule for the Day; table of the seven stages of creativity (proposed by Jeanne Carbonetti in her book, Making Pearls); summary of Making Pearls, as the book in currently out of print. To contribute to the presentation and delivery of the Day.
Testimonial: ‘Thank you for the great way you all led. It was a very special day with some real depth and quality in it. It was clear how much depth and thought had done into it and I could see and feel that we were only on the tip of an iceberg. There was seismic stuff going on below the surface for all of us I am sure.’ Neil Ruckman, Seeds

Christopher Lee Power: author, Breaking Free: From Street to Stage (Birkenhead, UK: 2012)
Brief: To provide advice on publicity and marketing campaigns, including social media marketing and how to secure an agent, and to write copy for marketing material for promotional purposes.
Testimonial: ‘Excellent advice’ Christopher Lee Power, author

Various CVs and resumes; editorial mentoring and copywriting service for clients seeking new employment: (Global: 2011-12)
Brief: Drafting CVs and resumes for a wide variety of job sectors, including graphic design, engineering, sales and administration. High percentage success rate for clients securing invitations for interviews and subsequent jobs.
Testimonials: ‘The people interviewing me commended me on the high quality of my CV. They all said how professional the CV looked and how clearly my experience and skills were presented. It really helped me get interviews quickly’ Allen Wisniewski, Building Services Manager, Fusion/Virgin Active Health Clubs [UK];
‘The CV helped me get several interviews in the week I lost my job. It really made a difference to how I came across to prospective employers’ Maria Wisniewski, Sales Manager/Estate Agent Administrator, Barnard Marcus/Virgin Active [UK];
‘Really great job. I hired Chris for work on my resume because of his talent and quality’ Penn Bulaquena, freelance Web Designer and Developer [Philippines].