Report writing, drafting marketing and sales copy, and writing slogans for a range of international clients

Cruiser Customization: cruiser biker website (Livermore, CA, USA: 2010) Brief: To write slogans for CruiserCustomization.com, a comprehensive online resource for owners/riders of metric cruiser motorbikes.
Testimonial: ‘Chris, I’m very impressed with the creative brief you submitted, I didn’t expect that. The slogans you came up with stimulated my thoughts! Thanks for the great work’ Uwe Druckenmueller, Cruiser Customization

Quick Online Tips: technology blog (India: 2010)
Brief: To write slogans for Quickonlinetips.com, an established blog community based in India that shares technology news, advice, software and networking opportunities with around 25,000 signed-up readers and many more casual visitors.
Testimonial: ‘He studied every aspect of our site and prepared a very detailed report about our domain name. Suggested several great tagline options and had a superb reason why we should use them. Highly recommended’ P. Chere, Quick Online Tips

Lisa Oliver: business blog (Guildford, Surrey, UK: 2010)
Brief: To write taglines for LisaOliver.com, a blog that promotes online marketing advice for entrepreneurs who are parents.
Testimonial: ‘Chris, thanks so much for the work you’ve put in – top value! I like your methodical approach. I’ll need to think about your sample taglines as your report has thrown up a few other questions for me: I don’t think it’s clear what I do and offer. All good though and food for thought!’ Lisa Oliver, consultant and coach

Letslook.@: social media network for business people (Turkey: 2010) Brief: To write slogans for Letslook.@, a website that demonstrates the problems and frustrations of visiting conferences, trade expos and professional parties, and then provides a solution to these difficulties. Also, to write copy for case-study testimonials to demonstrate how letslook.at can be used profitably as a networking resource.
Testimonial: ‘More than what i expected. He even made in depth-analysis in order to come up with the best slogan. This is the real deal … Asked to write some testimonials for my website, Chris even found the appropriate stock photos associated with those testimonials! I’m always amazed with his work! Thank you Chris!’ Ekim Nazım Kaya, founder, Letslook.@

Harwood VA: virtual PA and office administrator (Bath, Avon, UK: 2010)
Brief: To write straplines for Harwoodva.com, a website that promotes a virtual PA and office administration service run by Clair Harwood aimed at businesses needing outsourced professional assistance.
Testimonial: ‘Hi Chris, I am really happy with your slogans! Thank you also for the fantastic detailed, professional report you sent to me with them. I love them all very much and have a couple of favourites. For future purchasers, Chris is clearly a professional … HIGHLY RECOMMENDED’ Clair Harwood, virtual assistant

Switchplate Lady: decorated switchplate covers (Thousand Oaks, CA, USA: 2010)
Brief: To peer review development text for Switchplatelady.com, a site promoting the work of Sandy Brodsky: an artist who paints electrical switchplates to be camouflaged against background décor.
Testimonial: ‘Chris suggests things that you can do immediately and spells out the change. Then there are changes that Chris basically challenges us to do ourselves while carefully detailing the parameters of what needs to be done and how to do it. Some phrases actually get re-written by Chris and for all the rest of your content/copy he tells you what is wrong … Chris was also lucid in his suggestions and recommendations for our website content. If you think your sales copy and content is good let Chris dive into it, and benefit from his expertise. Try him out’ Temogen Amato, Professional Website Builders (The Switchplate Lady website is a client.)

Zen & Sea: bath and body products retailer (Las Vegas, NV, USA: 2010) Brief: To write copy for taglines for Zenandsea.com, an online retail website selling Asian-influenced ‘bath and body’ toiletries wrapped stylishly in luxury packaging.
Testimonial: ‘Awesome job! Very professional! Will definitely try to incorporate all the ideas you’ve provided into my website’ Angela, Zen & Sea

Spotty Baby: children’s health podcast and blog (London, UK: 2010) Brief: To write copy for taglines for Spottybaby.com, a website that provides first-hand experience and informed news about children’s eczema and skin allergies.
Testimonial: ‘This was absolutely outstanding. A superb report and excellent suggestions. Thank you’ Diana McLean, Spotty Baby

Naturally Intimate: luxury, ethical, sex-aid retailer (Poole, Dorset. UK: 2010)
Brief: To write copy for straplines for Naturally Intimate, an educational and retail website for environmentally friendly products for increasing people’s (mainly women’s) enjoyment of sex.
Testimonial: ‘Amazing! Not only was the quality of work outstanding but it was produced in a very speedy and efficient manner. Wow! Incredible work … Thankyou’ Sarah Jane Skinner, co-founder, Naturally Intimate

eContent Strategies: information and search technology consultancy (Cupertino, CA, USA: 2010)
Brief: To write copy for headlines for a report on domain-name ownership to be sent free to people who sign up to receive it on various websites (set up by ‘Jean Bedord’) to record visitor interest and to collect potential client information. Testimonial: ‘Excellent. Exactly what I was looking for to stimulate my own thinking’ Jean Bedord, eContent Strategies

Virginia Center for Urban Development: university research faculty (Richmond, VA, USA: 2010)
Brief: To write copy for taglines for the Virginia Center for Urban Development, a research hub of Virginia Commonwealth University’s Center for Public Policy for the VCU community, state and local government, and regional private businesses.
Testimonial: ‘FANTASTIC suggestions for taglines. Chris really knows his stuff! A+’ Billy Kinsey, Jr., senior research associate and economist, Virginia Center for Urban Development.

Drip Marketing Expert: marketing and sales consultancy (Milwaukee, WI, USA: 2010)
Brief: To write copy for titles (comprising main title and subtitle) for a forthcoming eBook about ‘drip marketing’.
Testimonial: ‘Thank you for your extremely well thought out report. It gave me so much more to think about than I expected. I will be using your service again!’ Melissa Blair, Drip Marketing Expert