January 2013

Ideas for stories

January 12, 2013: Fans of popular entertainment can influence real-life events. In this case the White House has denied it is planning to build a Star Wars’-style Death Star. Building a psychological profile of fans of particular television shows and movies can be a useful exercise in creating credible characters.

January 10, 2013: Keep an eye out for unusual geographical news. This story describes the formation of a new island off the coast of Germany. This concept could be used to stimulate ideas for science fiction, thrillers and environmental stories.

January 10, 2013: This story concerns a magician who pretended to be a ghost when buying a meal from a Drive-Thru’ fast-food restaurant. He disguised himself as a car seat. All very entertaining, but imagine what might have happened in the stunt had gone wrong?

January 8, 2013: Case studies that illustrate archetypes are useful for plot ideas and character profiles. This story about a Chinese millionaire road sweeper who refuses to give up her job could be the starting point for a high-concept tale of class, money and family relationships.

January 5, 2013: Political policy can led to comedic behaviour. The French actor, Gerard Depardieu, has taken on Russian citizenship to avoid paying high income tax in his native country. He has also bought house in Belgium and Switzerland. Rich pickings for satirical fiction, lampooning wealthy people misbehaving.

January 2, 2013: Think of a popular theme and give it a twist. This article on ‘dinosaur smuggling’ mashes up the genre staples of organised crime and fascination with the Jurassic period.