Report writing, mentoring, structural editing, copy-editing and proofreading

Carol Bentley, copywriting and marketing expert (Hampshire, UK: 2012)

Brief: Structural editing of two chapters of Carol’s revised sales and marketing book, I Want to Buy Your Product, Have You Sent Me a Sales Message Yet? I edited the chapters ‘Sales Writing for Social Media’ and ‘Email Marketing’
Testimonial: ‘When I asked Chris to review and give feedback on some of the new material for the revised edition of my first book, I did not expect such thorough and inspiring annotations. Chris went through the materials with a fine-tooth comb. His comments were all positively directed so that even the pointers he gave on facts that were missing were extremely encouraging. If you plan to publish a book as part of your marketing effort (and I always advise business owners to do that) then placing your efforts in Chris’ tender care will enhance your book as well as highlighting crucial snippets you may have missed.’ Carol Bentley, author:  I Want to Buy Your Product, Have You Sent Me a Sales Message Yet?; Beat the Recession: Proven Marketing Tactics; Pocket Guide to Writing Profit-Boosting Sales Letters.

Seren Books: publishing (Oswestry, UK: 2012)
Brief: Writing an editorial proposal pitch for a historical book of photographs depicting Wales in the 1950s and 1960s on behalf of an unpublished author.
Testimonial: ‘The proposal was amazing. It said everything I wanted to say and many other things I hadn’t considered’ Mary Oldfield Jones, author

Pollinger Ltd: authors’ agency (London, UK: 1992-2006)
Brief:  Writing editorial reader reports comprising synopses of fiction and non-fiction manuscripts, analyses of the work, suggestions for improving the content, feedback on the suitability of the copy in terms of libel, taste and obscenity, and professional opinions as to the chances of the work finding a public audience and maximizing sales (e.g. commercial book publishing, self-publishing, ebook publishing, web publishing).
Rider: These reports helped agents at Pollinger take decisions as to which authors to represent. Although there was no guarantee of successfully placing manuscripts with publishers, many of my reports helped authors’ work to be published commercially.

Various manuscripts; editorial mentoring service for unpublished authors: (UK: 2011-13)
Brief: Writing detailed reader reports and providing an ‘editorial midwife’ mentoring service to unpublished authors. The mentoring service comprises providing potential solutions to authors when they hit obstacles and writers’ block , lending a friendly professional ear to struggling writers, and advising on strategy and developing material for submission once a manuscript is ready to send to agents, producers, publishers and/or websites.
Testimonials: selected authors

Tents of the Righteous (2011-12) ‘I am grateful for your insights and advice… you provide very good suggestions.’ Jeff Teeside, London

❧ Game, Set and Murder (2011-12) ‘Just updating you on the progress of my manuscript.  I heard from Lion Hudson today. The editorial team have accepted my novel…  They have sent it to the estimating team to do the sums and are thinking that if they go ahead they will publish in Spring 2014 with a sequel to follow in 6 or 7 months… My novel, Game, Set and Murder has been has been selected for The Bookseller‘s forthcoming “Paperback Preview”.’ Elizabeth Flynn, London

The Common Love of Good (2012-13): ‘Thanks so much for the further advice.  I really enjoyed revising the text last weekend and am looking forward to engaging with it again’ Alison Rees, London

❧ ONE JOURNEY, TWO LIVES (2013-14): ‘I have read your report and I think it is very good, professional, fair and helpful.’ Vicky Borda, London