The ghostwriting spectrum

Ghostwriting an ebook is similar to ghostwriting a printed book. The end product is the format; the process of drafting a manuscript encompasses a range of tasks that can be described as ghostwriting.  A ghostwriter can write a manuscript anonymously on behalf of another person to be published and marketed under that else’s name. A ghostwriter may also of edit a manuscript intensively, to guide and support an author into writing to the best of their ability in their own style. The following ebooks are examples of both types of ghostwriting.

Sample projects

Floyd D, The top 21 reasons to travel abroad (with 2 bonus tracks) (USA: Private client, 2010)
Brief: To transform the travel writer’s original text into a humorous account of the benefits of foreign travel.
Testimonial: ‘Excellent output. Delivered on time. I look forward to working with Chris again’ Floyd D.