Christopher Norris has written and edited copy professionally since 1990.

❧ At Letts, he edited and proofread revision guides and wrote slogans used in promotional campaigns;

❧ As a freelancer, he has ghostwritten titles and edited books in many genres;

❧ At the authors’ agency, Pollinger Ltd, he reviewed book submissions and wrote reader reports, among many other duties;

❧ For ITV’s You’re Booked! television series about books, he wrote review copy for presenters to read from autocue;

❧ At television production companies, Real World Pictures and Creative Media Marketing Ltd, he wrote treatments and helped to compose voiceover scripts;

❧ At StoryCode, a book recommendation website, he wrote web copy and summarised story synopses for uploading to the site. He also wrote a web functionality specification and helped to draft business plans and treatments for the company;

❧ He spent a year writing the Malapopulisms blog;

❧ He has earned a glowing reputation as a copywriter for projects commissioned at commercial rates by clients from around the world (including web copy, Google AdWords ads, Facebook ads, social media and direct marketing campaigns, corporate slogans, and CVs for executive, managerial and non-managerial personnel).

❧ Since May 2013, he has worked for the Insight Film Festival as Editor and Development Executive. This work includes duties as web editor, copy editor, proofreader, social media manager,  database manager and fundraiser.

❧ Recent CopyGhosting clients include: BearingPoint Institute; “Eric Blair“, a pen name for a former Cabinet Minister turned novelist; and A C Rees, a self-published novelist

Christopher Norris in the media

De Bati, Matilda. ‘Manchester, football, Insight Film Festival and more!’, Matilda de Bati Magazine, Issue 10, July 2014, pp. 10-15. Interview given to Matilda de Bati about the Insight Film Festival

Norris, Christopher. ‘David Robinson, expert on Charles Chaplin, talks to Insight about the man, his world view and his only novella’, Insight Film Festival, 25 February 2014 Wrote article, including an interview with David Robinson, to publicise the launch of Charles Chaplin’s novella, Footlights, in order to broaden the readership of the Insight Film Festival blog

Norris, Christopher. ‘Kevin Spacey’s MacTaggart Lecture 2013: an Insight response’, Insight Film Festival, 16 February 2014 Wrote article to apply Kevin Spacey’s speech about the future of television to the specific themes of film and the Insight Film Festival

Loper, Nick. ’15 ways to start, grow and expand your side hustle using Fiverr’, Side Hustle Nation, 3 June 2013 Wrote article to introduce freelancers to the Fiverr concept and community comprising tips on how to use the site to make money

Reed, Jon. ‘How to promote your books with Pinterest’, Publishing Talk, July-August 2012, p. 10 Contributed to Facebook call-to-action thread with ideas and suggestions that were used in the article

Norris, Christopher. ‘Tecrübeli bir Fiverr satıcısının deneyimleri’, BeşKuruşa, 3 May 2011 Turkish translation of the Digital Examples interview (see below) published on the blog, BeşKuruşa.com

Norris, Christopher. ‘Tales of a Fiverr seller’, Digital Examples, 17 March 2011 Interview given to Dan Calladine’s influential blog that showcases good practice for digital creativity and media usage

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Norris, Christopher. ‘Television – a licence to change’, The Bookseller, 3 October 1997, pp 32-4 Article on how developments in the television industry would bring changes to tie-in licensing opportunities and to the way in which deals are cut between authors, publishers and television companies

Norris, Christopher. ‘Licensed to sell in any format’, The Bookseller, 19 September 1997, p. 12 Report from the European Licensing Fair at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham

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Norris, Christopher. ‘Why they’re profiting from training’, Publishing News (special report: All the facts about NVQs), 25 March 1994, supplement First-person account of the benefits of NVQ qualifications for people working in publishing

Christopher Norris: other writing projects

Norris, Christopher. Act and know: a study of the effects of forum-theatre methodology on children’s investigative problem-solving in Primary school science (London: unpublished, 1989) University dissertation