The ghostwriting spectrum

Ghostwriting for television is drafting words for on-screen presenter to read and speak from an autocue prompt. This task is not the same as writing scripts for actors to read, learn and perform.

When writing for autocue, I have to bear in mind the ease with which words can be spoken, the flow of the language, punctuation where the presenter can take breaths, and the on-screen duration of the piece being filmed.

Sample projects

You’re Booked! (London, UK: Mike Mansfield TV Ltd, 1994-5)
Brief: Creator and programme consultant to the London Weekend Television magazine-format book series. Ghostwriting duties comprised reviewing books for inclusion on autocue for the presenters to read.
Testimonial: ‘I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your help in putting the series together and, at the same time, to congratulate you on your achievement’ Mike Mansfield, director, Mike Mansfield TV Ltd