CV and resume composition, report writing, marketing and sales copywriting, and drafting slogans for a range of international clients

Various CVs and resumes; editorial mentoring and copywriting service for clients seeking new employment: (Global: 2011-12)
Brief: Drafting CVs and resumes for a wide variety of job sectors, including graphic design, engineering, sales and administration. High percentage success rate for clients securing invitations for interviews and subsequent jobs.
Testimonials: ‘The people interviewing me commended me on the high quality of my CV. They all said how professional the CV looked and how clearly my experience and skills were presented. It really helped me get interviews quickly’ Allen Wisniewski, Building Services Manager, Fusion/Virgin Active Health Clubs [UK]; ‘The CV helped me get several interviews in the week I lost my job. It really made a difference to how I came across to prospective employers’ Maria Wisniewski, Sales Manager/Estate Agent Administrator, Barnard Marcus/Virgin Active [UK]; ‘Really great job. I hired Chris for work on my resume because of his talent and quality’ Penn Bulaquena, freelance Web Designer and Developer [Philippines].

Printing Impression: printing (Kennesaw, GA, USA: 2011)
Brief: To write a White Paper on direct mail and a promotional book on direct marketing for a full-service printing business in the Atlanta, GA area.
Testimonial: ‘Very thorough analysis and attention to my project. Went beyond my expectations and definitely over delivered’ David Doost, Printing Impression

imailroom: digital mail service (Vancouver, BC, Canada: 2011)
Brief: To write slogans and write marketing materials for imailroom, a service that sorts, scans and sends paper mail as PDFs to individuals and employees working away from their desks.
Testimonial: ‘Very good strategic insight. Chris’s work will prove to be useful on more than just the slogan and the flyer he edited’ Shawn Fawcett, imailroom

Taxonomics: search, SEO and analytics service (Bradford-on-Avon, UK: 2011)
Brief: To write revised copy for dotcom home page to capture the business opportunity in plain English.
Testimonial: ‘Although things are manic here and we have barely looked at the site again or at your copy as a priority, your work will be invaluable when we do move forward on this.’ Steve Johnston, search:Johnston

DublinAdvertising24: advertising services (Dublin, Ireland: 2011)
Brief: To write draft ads for DublinAdvertising24, an online multipurpose web developer, marketing and advertising services company catering to clients local to Dublin and throughout the Republic of Ireland, specialising in customers new to the country.
Testimonial: ‘All I can say is wow … I recommend Chris as a real professional. Will hire again for serious projects.’ Remigijus Toliekis, DublinAdvertising24

Plug Video Productions: video producers (Yorba Linda, CA, USA: 2011)
Brief: To write slogans for Plug Video Productions, a Hollywood-style, wedding video business.
Testimonial: ‘We loved your report and appreciate all the work you put into it. We are still referencing the information you provided for our business.’ Dan, Plug Video Productions

RapidTASKproject-management software (Wellington, FL, USA: 2011)
Brief: To write slogans and provide strategic advice for RapidTASK, a US company and website that promotes free and paid versions of a project-management program
Testimonial: ‘Fantastic deliverable! Worth far more than the money I paid. Chris’s in-depth document clearly helped set some goals for my online project management software’ Chris Sands, RapidTASK

Law Department Online: management consultancy for lawyers (Australia, 2011)
Brief: To write draft slogans and business hooks for Law Department Online, a legal management consultancy designed to provide corporate legal departments with technology, staffing, procurement and management solutions, support and resources.
Testimonial: ‘Outstanding once again. This really is work of very high quality and a credit to Chris’s professionalism and talent.’ Diana Newcombe, Law Department Online

NASA: unofficial, insider website (Washington, DC, USA: 2011)
Brief: To write slogans for an unofficial, insider website analysing, reviewing and poking fun at current programs managed by NASA [National Aeronautics and Space Administration]. The selected slogan is to be used on the website and for promotional gifts such as t-shirts and mugs.
Testimonial: ‘What more could I ask for – nothing! Christopher delivered quickly, with a very well thought-out analysis of my needs. He over delivered in all aspects. You can tell this guy is a professional …. He will think of twists that you didn’t. Thanks’ Barry, NASA

FreePalmSprings: website guide (Palm Springs, CA, USA: 2011)
Brief: To write slogans for FreePalmSprings, a US website promoting free and cheap goods to buy and activities to do for local residents and tourists living in and visiting Palm Springs, California.
Testimonial: ‘Super writer. Very thorough. Delivered great material. Thank you so much, Chris’ Shannon, FreePalmSprings

OnlineAllydigital marketing consultancy (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: 2011)
Brief: To write draft slogans for OnlineAlly, a company and website offering a range of digital marketing services to clients.
Testimonial: ‘I can only say good things about Chris. He delivered well above and beyond what I expected. I definitely recommend his services’ Mike Davey, OnlineAlly

ServiceVines: reverse auction trading website (Oklahoma City, OK, USA: 2011)
Brief: To write taglines for ServiceVines, a US company and website set up to match buyers with outdoor services providers in a reverse-auction marketplace. Testimonial: ‘Fantastic work. Chris did a lot of work and provided updates and feedback on when he would deliver. Was really impressed’ Philip Jackson, ServiceVines

Forex Trading Education Live: currency market blog (Singapore: 2011)
Brief: To write a new company name, domain name and corporate slogans for Forex Trading Education Live, a foreign-exchange currency market blog that delivers education and market advice.
Testimonial: ‘I really appreciate what you have delivered … not just a few slogans and a company name, you sent me pages of analysis about my business and how you came up with your ideas. This report is worth more than what I paid for it. You did a good Job and I strongly recommend Chris to everyone.’ Ham Y J, trader and tutor, Forex Trading Education Live

MT Virtual Assistant: multilingual and travel virtual assistant service (Verona, Italy: 2011)
Brief: To write an overview description of the site’s commercial services, to be published on the home page of MTVirtualAssistant.com.
Testimonial: ‘Thank you Chris! Really loved your work. Will hire you again soon’ Claudia Amendola, MT Virtual Assistant

New business: mobile marketing (embargoed until launch) (Poole, Dorset, UK: 2011)
Brief: To write straplines for a new UK company and website that will provide mobile marketing solutions for businesses.
Testimonial: ‘Wow! Talk about over-delivering! … I got a full, insightful, extremely helpful report and the suggested straplines certainly got my creative juices flowing! I strongly recommend Chris for a professional and inspiring solution when you need headlines, slogans or straplines’ Carol Bentley, copywriter and internet entrepreneur

Motivational speaker: personal branding (UK: 2011)
Brief: To write brand-building copy for a personal Facebook page, for prospective image promotion and for future book titles for an inspirational workshop leader and speaker regarding his story of redemption from prison to a settled life in British society.
Testimonial: ‘Thank you for the completed work. Really pleased with the outcome’ L. Skeete, trading as Streetwise

Photos by Chaz: photographer (San Francisco, CA, USA: 2011) (Warning: mild adult content)
Brief: To write slogans for Photos by Chaz, a portrait photograph business catering for gay men in San Francisco.
Testimonial: ‘You are unbelievable! All that work and great ideas! Fantastic’ Chaz, Photos by Chaz

CarLink LLC: luxury car reseller (Dover, NJ, USA: 2011)
Brief: To write slogans for CarLink LLC, a business established to sell luxury and sports cars (mainly of European origin) to wealthy clients via ecommerce sites such as eBay and Cars.com with the benefit of the staff’s expert knowledge and advice.
Testimonial: ‘Above and beyond: much more than I expected. I look forward to working with Chris again’ Chet Roger, CarLink LLC

Air Purifier Solutions: blog (San Antonio, TX, USA: 2011)
Brief: To write slogans for Air Purifier Solutions: a blog providing information about air purification, indoor air quality and related health issues, as well as hosting review articles about the latest relevant products.
Testimonial: ‘The slogans are fantastic! Many thanks for your quality, timely work on my behalf’ Greg, Air Purifier Solutions

EnakEnak: Indonesian restaurant (London, UK: 2011)
Brief: To write slogans to raise the profile of Nancy Lam’s EnakEnak, a well-established Indonesian-inspired restaurant run by the TV celebrity chef in Battersea, London.
Testimonial: ‘Fantastic as ALWAYS. Chris is consistently full of great ideas. Thank you’ Su Augusta, Nancy Lam’s daughter

BNews: video news website (Boulder, CO, USA: 2011)
Brief: To write slogans for BNews.com, a forthcoming news website reliant on citizen journalists uploading local video reports to a social media platform on a variety of issues.
Testimonial: ‘Outstanding work. Thank you for your keen observations and exceptional insight’ Richard Franz, BNews.com

Increase Your Credit Score to 750: self-help, credit-rating website (Atlanta, GA, USA: 2011)
Brief: To write and edit USP copy for the credit-rating website IncreaseYourCreditScoreto750.com, which promotes the author’s personal experience and expertise in transforming people’s poor FICO credit ratings.
Testimonial: ‘Chris is good! He copywrites titles, slogans and straplines, but I needed another form of writing: a USP. Chris asked me some questions, I gave him some drafts, then he went to work. The outcome is what I’ll use on my website and marketing materials. A satisfied customer’ Anngie Jenkins, IncreaseYourCreditScoreto750.com

Everything Engagement: pre-marriage advice website for women (Roatán, Honduras: 2011)
Brief: To write slogans for EverythingEngagement.com, a website offering personal advice gained from direct experience to women on all aspects of relationships with men, from first dates via proposals to planning for weddings. Testimonial: ‘Wow! So much more than I ever expected! Chris is AMAZING! Thank you so much for the detailed report. I cannot believe the value for money. HIRE THIS MAN! Thanks for all your help with my site’ Natasha Botha, EverythingEngagement.com

We Social Media: marketing consultants and web management services (North Saanich, BC, Canada: 2011)
Brief: To write slogans for We Social Media, a Canadian company and website offering a range of digital services to clients, including: social media marketing, fan pages, QR codes production, search engine optimization [SEO], corporate branding and viral video marketing.
Testimonial: ‘A1: the best bang for your buck … Chris over-delivers and is very professional. His copywriting knowledge is invaluable. Highly recommended’ Aaron Martirano, We Social Media

Hotco: manufacturing company (Australia: 2011)
Brief: To write slogans for Hotco, an Australian company manufacturing industrial heaters, ovens and heating elements.
Testimonial: ‘Great work, Chris. You delivered much more than promised. I appreciate the thought you put into our project and I’m very happy with the result. Thank you’ Hotco Australia

TxTIN Mobile Marketing: telecommunications company (Carlsbad, CA, USA: 2011)
Brief: To write slogans for TxTIN Mobile Marketing, a company based in California that provides mobile marketing solutions for businesses needing to reach their target audiences instantly with messages, news, discounts, promotions, events information, and the like.
Testimonial: Excellent, thoroughly researched and packed full of great ideas! Chris generated far more than the advertised number of slogans for my website and I will certainly come back for more ideas in the future. Thank you very much’ David, TxTIN Mobile Marketing

Bootstrappingwealth.com: business blog (USA: 2011)
Brief: To write slogans for Bootstrappingwealth.com, a blog aimed at encouraging, advising and supporting new, aspiring and struggling entrepreneurs to build their businesses from the ideas’ slate, through surviving on a shoestring, securing inward investment and developing contacts, to realising the entrepreneurial vision.
Testimonial: ‘This is absolutely incredible. Not only did he encapsulate the spirit and energy around what I wanted, he envisioned down the line what I would be asking for. Furthermore, he presented his findings in an unbelievable report, which is an absolutely incredible value for money. He rocks!’ Bootstrappingwealth.com

Awesome Cakes: bespoke cake business (London, UK: 2011)
Brief: To write slogans for Awesome Cakes, a London-based company selling handmade cakes commissioned to commemorate special occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, christenings, religious festivals and random personal celebrations (e.g. finishing the DIY on a house).
Testimonial: ‘Highly recommended. A true credit to himself. Oh Chris what a gem you are. Cannot wait to hire again for my next project. Extremely pleased’ Su Augusta, Awesome Cakes

Luxx London: luxury, leather goods retailer (London, UK: 2011)
Brief: To write slogans for LuxxLondon.com, a family-run, ecommerce website selling leather belts, bracelets and handbags to women looking for an exclusive look without spending a fortune.
Testimonial: ‘Undoubtedly the best copywriter money I have spent. Skip coffee hire Chris a.s.a.p. He genuinely cares about your project’ Su Augusta, Luxx London

Whole eHealth: weight management blog (Ireland: 2011)
Brief: To write slogans for Whole eHealth, a blog aiming to be a meeting point for information, education, trends and data in the field of weight management. Testimonial: ‘Thank you for all the ideas. You did much more than I expected. I appreciate it’ Teri Morris, Whole eHealth