Christopher Norris: writer for hire

CopyGhosting Editorial Services

CopyGhosting has the answers to problems you may have with writing tasks and projects. You may be struggling to find the right words for a website, book, report or other important document, like a resume or CV. Do the following questions sound familiar to you?

❧ Do you have writer’s block drafting copy for your project?

❧ Are you looking for someone to write a project in words you recognize as your own voice?

❧ Do you need an editor, a script doctor, or a mentor to help you improve your manuscript, screenplay or submission pitch?

❧ Are you stuck for a title for your project or struggling to find a name for your company?

❧ Have you written copy for your project but can’t make the words sing?

❧ Are you worried about spelling and grammar, or fretting about how you express yourself in writing?

❧ Do you want to build a simple website for your products or services but don’t know where to start?

❧ Do you want your web copy to help improve your search-engine page ranking?

❧ Is your AdWords campaign failing due to a lack of clicks through to your website and no conversions?

❧ Do you need your MP3 interview audio files transcribing into time-coded transcripts?

❧ Do you need your web or print copy translated from one language to another, quickly, accurately and at the right price?

CopyGhosting can help you with any of these issues.

It can be hard to write a form of words that sums up the content and spirit of your project or enterprise. Having access to a professional mind that writes and edits copy successfully for a living will turn out to be a great investment.

Contact Christopher Norris at CopyGhosting Editorial Services to discuss your writing needs, to request a price quotation or to hire his services in any of the following areas:

❧ Copywriting;

❧ Ghostwriting;

❧ Script doctoring;

❧ Editing;

❧ Proofreading;

❧ Transcribing;

❧ Building WordPress websites;

❧ Analysing and drafting AdWords campaigns;

❧ Writing for the web.